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SCOTT GALLOWAY: Why you should worry about a company if its CEO is in a conform magazine

Scott Galloway is a selling highbrow at the NYU Stern School of Business and the founder of business comprehension firm L2. Galloway stopped by Business Insider to speak about the biggest names in tech. In this clip, he talks about how a CEO’s picture can help or harm a company.

Scott Galloway: I consider he (Snap CEO Evan Spiegel) is a visionary. we consider he’s clearly a gifted immature man. we consider there’s a ubiquitous litmus test, though, for when a company is about to take a outrageous fall, and that is the CEO ends up on the cover of conform magazines.

He was recently on “Italian Vogue. Whether it was Marissa Mayer in “Vogue Magazine” or David Karp, or Dennis Crowley in Gap and J Crew ads, it shows at the list of priorities are all f—– up and it’s a bad sign for shareholders.

I would disagree the big 4 — Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google — the CEOs of those companies hang themselves in a on-going sweeping because progressives are generally seen as being good but weak, since conservatives are generally viewed as being smart but mean. And if we had a smart but meant person using a company as absolute as these, regulators would step in. But since Tim Cook is seen as a very good man — first plainly happy CEO of a Fortune 500 company — Facebook is very likable, hey everybody “Lean in.”

They hang themselves in this very progressive, non-threatening blanket. And as a result, they are means to costume what are kind of the parent of Darwin and Darth Vader, in terms of their business practices, and hang themselves in a rainbow or very pinkish or very on-going sweeping that, in my opinion, kind of staves off or creates a conduct feign or an apparition for regulators. Microsoft was not scarcely as likable. The folks using that organisation weren’t scarcely as likable, and regulators stepped in.


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