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Meg Whitman is at the core of Uber’s boardroom battle (HPE)

Meg WhitmanMeg Whitman may be back in the using to be Uber’s CEO if house member Benchmark has its way. She’s now CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.AP

It looks like the battle over employing Meg Whitman as the next CEO of Uber isn’t wholly over.

Early financier Benchmark sued Kalanick progressing this month, accusing him of undermining the CEO search.

Now, another Uber financier is banishment back at Benchmark, charging that it’s the venture collateral organisation that’s undermining the company and that it stays dynamic to get its own favorite candidate, Whitman, into the CEO seat. 

In a sardonic letter sent Thursday to Uber’s house of directors, Shervin Pishevar, an early financier in the company, charged that Benchmark is attempting to overthrow the house to get its way (emphasis ours): 

Benchmark appears dynamic to insert its own claimant as CEO, Meg Whitman, before to addressing any future issues, revelation me that they ‘see no suggestive contention but an excusable CEO claimant being hired… uninfected by crude influences.’ The ‘improper influences’ here are Benchmark’s own efforts to control the company. They have no seductiveness in reaching a pacific settle which will concede this good company to grow even more, to partisan a world-class CEO, to secure serve critical funding. Clearly, they have a opposite bulletin than ours.”

Pishevar wrote that he and a associate financier are seeking to meddle in the lawsuit that Benchmark filed against Kalanick.

Whitman was on the brief list for the CEO pursuit but word is that she wouldn’t take it if Kalanick was to sojourn active in using the company. Although Kalanick quiescent as CEO in June, he remained on the house and is still the company’s largest particular shareholder. After Whitman was chased away, Kalanick reportedly told several people that he was “Steve Jobs-ing it,” a anxiety to how the Apple co-founder was suspended from his company but after returned to lead it. 

Jeff Immelt, the former CEO of GE who has been reported to be the new front curtain for Uber’s top job, has reportedly not been as against to Kalanick maintaining his influence.

The outcome of the onslaught over fixing a CEO could be dynamic in a Delaware courtroom. Should Benchmark prevails in its suit, it could diminish Kalanick’s impasse with the company and mislay him from the house altogether. If that were to happen, the VC organisation would have the top hand, and Whitman could be back in the running.

This Game of Thrones at Uber may all play out sincerely quickly. Uber creatively betrothed to sinecure a new CEO by September, and Benchmark has asked for an expedited conference on its suit.

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