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Coca Cola is pumping £10 million into Schweppes for Fever-Tree fightback

Schweppes redesigned bottles for its core range.
Schweppes redesigned
bottles for its core range.


LONDON — Coca Cola is spending £10 million to relaunch Schweppes
in the UK as partial of a fightback against posh new entrants to the
tonic marketplace such as Fever-Tree and Fentimans.

The drinks hulk is relaunching its core Schweppes tonic range
with newly designed bottles and plans to spend £10 million on a
selling campaign that will embody sponsorship of ITV’s prime
time Jonathan Ross Show.

At the same time, Coca Cola is rising a new, reward code of
Schweppes tonics, dubbed Schweppes 1783, designed for blending with
upmarket spirits — and not just gin. One of its 6 new flavours in
the operation is tainted lemon tonic, designed for blending with tequila.

The relaunch is Coca Cola’s biggest ever investment in the brand
and follows the arise of rival tonic brands such as Fever-Tree and
Fentimens is new years. Fever-Tree, which pitches itself as a
higher-end tonic for higher-end spirits, was founded in 2005 and

currently has sales of over £100 million.

While Schweppes stays the personality in the tonic market, with a
27% share, Coca Cola’s UK handling executive Jon Woods told
Business Insider that the code has “not prisoner the full share
of the expansion that’s been happening in the mixer market. ”

“One of the good things about foe is it forces you to
demeanour at your own business and confirm how you could be better,”
Woods told Business Insider. “We’ve taken a while, watched the
marketplace to see how it’s developed, talked to consumers to see what
they want, and we’ve come up with a really illusory proceed for
a relaunch of Schweppes.”

Schweppes 1783
advert for new Schweppes 1783 range.

Coca Cola

Asked directly if the new products were driven by Fever-Tree,
Woods said: “I consider it’s a response to a premiumisation of the
difficulty and there’s a series of brands in the difficulty which
have come along in new years and started to do that.

“We need to make certain that Schweppes stays applicable and premium.
we wouldn’t contend it’s a response to any particular aspirant or
any particular activity.”

As partial of the relaunch, Coca Cola is emphasising the story of
the Schweppes brand, which it has owned in the UK for around 25
years. The “1783” in the new reward range’s name refers to the
year that Schweppes was creatively founded by Swiss-German Jacob
Schweppe, the first person to invent a routine to carbonate

Coca Cola’s new CEO James Quincy, who took the role progressing this
year, has pronounced he
wants Coke to variegate its operation and deposit in new
products and Woods pronounced the new Schweppes reward operation was
partial of this effort.

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