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Aulta has combined a watch that we really enjoyed wearing — and it’s a major pierce by the company

Aulta Acuatico
Nice watch.

A while back, a new surfing-oriented watch company, Aulta, asked me to representation one of its
first timepieces, the Leeway chronograph. 

positively desired wearing the watch
and didn’t much take it
off much for several months.

Like many new arrivals to the horological marketplace, Aulta
started with quartz movements.

we have no issues with quartz, distinct some watch lovers. In fact,
the watch we wear many is a Citizen Eco-Drive quartz chrono that I
bought almost 15 years ago. It’s been using clever for over a

That said, we own a few involuntary and involuntary watches as well.
This is where Aulta is going with its new Acuatico line — watches
powered by workhorse Japanese Miyota 8215 movements (40-hour
energy reserve) and selling for $240.

we tested a piece with a
blue face and a stainless-steel bracelet
, and we tested it for
about 3 months solid, operative it into my revolution of about a
half-dozen watches. The Acuatico is unabashedly an
involuntary diver watch, which puts it in one of the most
rival segments of the business. The duke of this area is
of march the Rolex Submariner, which goes for about

But there are many, many other dive watches you can buy,
and for distant reduction than eight grand. So how does the Acuatico stack

As it turns out, we have what is substantially the best budget
choice to the Rolex Sub, the Seiko Diver’s, a watch that’s
been around for decades and is worshiped by watch enthusiasts. To
be honest, we prefer it to the Sub, aesthetically, although
there’s no doubt that the Sub is a better investment.

Seiko Diver
My Seiko Diver.

The Seiko is labelled about the same as the Acuatico and also
uses a Japanese movement, but one that Seiko produces

For me, the watches were very opposite — and that, I
think, is a big certain for Aulta. The company’s whole concept
is to make watches that can go from boardroom to surfboard in a
singular day. They are stylish apparatus watches.

But the Acuatico is among the many toolish of their current
lineup, mostly since it’s dictated to be an attractive
watch that can mount up to the rigors of the sea (or at
slightest the swimming pool).

The first thing you notice about the watch is that
it’s heavy. It’s not overly large, at 41mm, but it
is substantial. The bracelet is superb, nonetheless it doesn’t have
a wetsuit-friendly diver extension. The wrist participation here is
serious. A turquoise clear means good blemish resistance, the
unidirectional rotating bezel is solid, and the screwdown crown
is located at the 4 o’clock position, a informed plcae for any
Seiko Diver owners (the date window is also there). 

The face is a contented French blue, the sword hour and
notation hands are skeletons, and the second palm is orange, a nice
contrariety with the face. The indices are big dots and hashes, and
the lume is sincerely good. With a 200-meter abyss rating and
screwdown caseback, the Acuatico will be some-more than able of
station up to surfing, if not any kind of vicious scuba diving.
Snorkeling should be fine.

Aulta Acuatico
The stainless-steel bracelet in large and


I’m not really a left-wing when it comes to the timekeeping
correctness of stout Japanese involuntary movements. They tend to be
beaten — and beaten badly — by anything quartz. But that isn’t
the point. The movements in both my Seiko and the Aulta aren’t
meant to tarry striking and bashing, and they do a reasonable
pursuit of revelation you how prolonged you’ve been underwater. Neither Seiko
nor Aulta uses a see-through caseback — first, since the
movements aren’t that much to demeanour at, but also since good dive
watches don’t have them, the better to safeguard water-tightness.

As many commenters and enthusiasts have forked out, you see this
form of watch on dive boats some-more mostly than imagination Swiss pieces
since it’s no big understanding to remove one to Davy Jones’ locker.

But as distant as watches go, the Acuatico is less
tool-looking than the Seiko. As a result, it’s some-more adaptable. It
fits ideally with Aulta’s diversion devise and give the company a
good-quality watch to representation at those folks who won’t once
consider a quartz movement.

The heft of the watch was the only issue we had with it.
This could be rather addressed by switching out the
bracelet for something lighter, or by selecting a version
with a polyurethane strap. Still the watch itself is
weighty, something that will interest to many buyers, but that for
me finished me conclude the lighter weight of many of my other

But that’s me. we don’t generally like complicated watches, so I’m
a bad beam on this front. The bulk of a correct involuntary is a
selling indicate for many watchmakers, generally in the tool-watch

Aulta Acuatico
Some branding on the caseback, which isn’t see-through
— a vicious underline for a good diver.

Matthew DeBord/BI

On balance, the Acuatico is a fine first foray
into involuntary timepieces for Aulta and adds a new angle to
the code but introducing a bank-busting option. The watch
feels like it should cost twice what it does, generally if you
go for the bracelet. The aesthetics of the face and the
peculiarity of the immaculate steel meant that the Acuatico
will substantially demeanour illusory on a accumulation of aftermarket straps,

we actually consider this competence be an glorious present package for the
watch: $240 for the bracelet version, and a good leather strap
(something like this,
from Worn Wound). The watch partner in your life with
substantially conclude the combination. 

Aulta competence not nonetheless have the credit of a Seiko or Rolex, but
the company has finished a good pursuit of building a code around an
nautical lifestyle and hasn’t let peculiarity slide.
The Acuatico is a estimable addition.

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