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A house member took advantage of the death of Travis Kalanick’s mom to reject him, financier accuses

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Uber CEO Travis Kalanick


Uber financier Shervin Pishevar suggested a lot some-more sum on
Thursday about the infighting going on within Uber’s board.

In a satirical minute to the house of directors, Pishevar accused
financier and house member Benchmark of holding advantage of the
personal tragedy in Travis Kalanick’s life to reject him as the
company’s arch executive.

He’s referring to a boating collision in May
that killed Kalanick’s mom and harmed his father.

Kalanick was on a leave of deficiency from Uber in Jun when a
fortuitous of investors, lead by Benchmark, demanded his
resignation. This direct came after the company was inextricable in
months of scandals — from allegations of a poisonous work culture, to
a major lawsuit over its unconstrained automobile technology.

Benchmark then sued Kalanick progressing this month, claiming he was
interfering with the hunt for a new CEO and had a secret agenda
of getting himself reinstated.

In the letter, Pishevar takes Benchmark to task, writing
(emphasis ours):

Conduct so totally at contingency with Benchmark’s fiduciary duty
can't be left unanswered, quite at this terrible time for
Mr. Kalanick and his family. We all owe a outrageous debt to Travis and
his group for their untiring work in imagining, creating, and
building Uber. we know how unapproachable Bonnie Kalanick was of her son’s
work, and it is an aspersion to her memory which we cannot
silently endure that her flitting should turn the arise for
a secretive and personal attack on her son
by those
who, by perfect dint of his tough work and integrity and that of
his team, he has done rich over all their other investments

Pishevar has remained in Kalanick’s dilemma and says he has filed
a suit to meddle in that lawsuit, along with associate investor
Steve Russell.

Benchmark house member Bill Gurley has not responded to our
ask for comment. But Benchmark has formerly fit its
lawsuit in
an open minute to employees, observant that
Kalanick’s function “was definitely unacceptable.”

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